In which branch do you need our support?

Company law – mergers & acquisitions

We give advice in incorporation of enterprises and induce all necessary measures, such as compiling of the contract, registration in the commercial register, business registration. We monitor corporate restructuring (e.g. mergers, reorganizations) and new organizations especially regarding succession policies. Furthermore we represent owners and shareholders in litigation amongst them (e.g. claims for distribution profits, rights of inspection). In the area of mergers & acquisitions we have been able to accompany the acquisition of leading enterprises as “Moldan Baustoffe” (€ 70 M annual turnover) or the “EMCO group” (€100 M annual turnover) successfully.

Public commissioning and building contract law

Our law firm is frequently involved by public contractors with the operation of tendering procedures and the creation of building contracts. We represent purchasers and contractors in review procedures according to national and regional public procurement law. We have operated successfully complex procedures, such as the multi-function hall “Messezentrum Salzburg”, the rebuilding of the roof of the “Felsenreitschule” as well as the rebuilding of the regional surgery hospital “Chirurgie West”.

Renting & habitation

We are taking care of large cooperative property companies as well as of private landlords. We create tenancy and lease contracts specially adapted for the respective object. Further we carry out numerous actions for evictions and claims for rental payments for major property developers and estate agencies on a permanent contract basis. We can revert to a lot of practical experience and close contact with courts and executive organs. Thus we can assert your claims (in particular difficult eviction cases) quickly and effectively.

Building trade

We have been counsellors to building trade since many years, especially regarding complex planned construction works. In this regard we can revert to rich experience as to the establishment and winding up of commercial contracts, enforcement of and defence against claims in relation with building contracts, claim-management and in support of the construction work (e.g. employment of foreigners, regional planning and construction permits, contracts with subcontractors). Amongst our clients are well known commercial and industrial construction companies as well as private customers and public authorities.

Immovable property

Also in the field of immovable properties we are the competent partner for your needs. We establish sales contracts as well as developer’s contracts for immovable properties in private or commercial use and we carry out the processing of the escrow agreement. The lawyers in our firm are registered trustees at the bar council according to the “Treuhand-Statut” of Salzburg.

Transport & haulage

We represent national and international insurance companies every year in numerous court cases involving traffic accidents. Our record sheet shows that permanent practice and experience in interpreting frequently recurring issues are substantial for the successful enforcement of claims. For many years we have represented transport companies and haulage firms to enforce claims for remuneration (CMR-law) and in proceedings concerning social security contributions and administrative penal decisions.

Data protection

As an experienced and competent partner, we advice and support our clients in the field of data protection and the implementation of European and national data protection regulations. We adapt your existing terms and conditions, customer applications, contracts and websites to the new data protection requirements and work on a concept of data protection compliant implementations.

Intellectual property & information technology

We give full representation in the area of intellectual property and information technology: we deal with the registration of trademarks and industrial designs, formation of contracts, project monitoring as well as enforcement of law especially in relation with questions concerning unfair competition law. Especially in questions concerning intellectual property and the acquisition of information technology it is evident that careful legal monitoring of the project is a key to successful project performance.

Anti-trust law, competition law & distribution law

Our law firm disposes of a broad and special know-how in competition law (e.g. mineral oil, petrol stations, trade, structured sales organizations, equalization claims as well as house searches according to the anti-trust rules). In the field of anti-trust rules we monitor mergers, founding of joint ventures, development of strategies to avoid infringements of anti-trust law and we represent you in competition courts/authorities.

Labor law & social security

We represent our clients in individual and collective labor law, such as e.g. appeal of termination of labor contracts, mutual terminations, as well as the creation of works agreements. Furthermore in cases of enforcement and defense of claims resulting from the termination of labor contracts; as separation benefits, payment in lieu of holiday and overtime-rates we take over representation in labor courts. In the field of social security we are winding up numerous retirement applications in a permanent contract with a public authority.

Insolvency & corporate reorganisation

The partners of our law firm are regularly appointed insolvency administrators by the courts in large and complex insolvency proceedings. Amongst many others we have administered the insolvencies of “WEB-Concentra”, “Schachl Gebirgsholz”, “ROCO”, “Möbel Schwaighofer” or “GEO-Reisen”. Based on this know-how we also monitor the interests of our clients as creditors or persons interested in the insolvency assets.

Bank law & capital market law

We advise and represent credit institutions in questions regarding supervision law, enforcement of securities as well as in proceedings concerning liability. Furthermore we form credit or guarantee contracts as well as pledge-, cession- and other agreements for our clients. We also represent bank clients amongst others in proceedings concerning investor’s liability and in disputes about credits and securities, such as mortgages or guarantees.

Medical law

In the field of medical law we advise hospitals, medical doctors in all fields, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, nursing and rehabilitation facilities and public as well as professional associations in the health care system. Up to know we have advised mainly in questions regarding liability, hospital law (Krankenanstaltengesetz) and the law regarding working hours in hospitals. Our clients receive detailed consultation in medical law, which takes account of the sometimes rather complex tasks and challenges of the health care system.

Civil proceedings & arbitrations

Our law firm represents nationally and internationally operating companies in civil and arbitration courts; in this regard we are active for our clients all over Austria. We not only represent the legal aspects of the specific trial point of view, but we also develop in cooperation with our clients the presentation of the situation in technical (e.g. ,environment) or economical (e.g. annual balance sheet, evaluation) regard.

Private interests

We provide full guidance to our customers. This also includes the private sphere. We assist you in questions regarding apportionment of property, inheritance law, company succession and old-age provision. Especially in questions concerning very personal and family-related issues, we are taking pride in the trust our clients place in us. This is also shown by the fact that the partners of our law firm have been appointed to numerous trust foundations’ Management Boards.